Your One-Stop Shop for Flatwork and Decorative Concrete

From basement slabs to decorative patios to large-scale parking garages, our large and highly skilled flatwork crew is well-prepared to provide a quality final product for any project. Our crew can provide all the site and exterior concrete, as well as interior slabs for any project for which we are already doing the foundation and new projects as well. Our flatwork division is the busiest at our company. They are regularly scheduled out weeks in advance, so please give us a call to get a quote well before your project is ready to start.

Steps required to begin your flatwork project:

  1. Choose a layout and ideally create a drawing with specs and details and send it to us!
  2. Choose a stamp and a color using the links below if you are doing decorative concrete!
  3. Prepare your site for us: make sure there is access for a concrete mixer truck and pump if needed. Meet with our flatwork manger to understand what’s expected by our crew on your end to make sure we can be as efficient as possible when we start.
  4. Get on the schedule! Cross fingers for good weather for all exterior concrete pours 😊