What is Gypsum Concrete?

Gypsum Concrete is a floor underlayment that is primarily used for in-floor radiant heat applications on any construction project from larger commercial jobs to small residential remodels. Gypcrete is made of 80 lb bags of gypsum, sand provided by Heartland Materials and water. This particular mix creates a lightweight concrete alternative that provides a smooth and level surface to receive your final flooring product.

Why use Gypcrete?

  • Gypcrete is strong, light, and more flexible than regular concrete. It is self-leveling, reliable, and durable.
  • Gypcrete provides great sound dampening. Sound insulation is an important aspect of a flooring system, especially in multifamily homes and condos.
  • Gypcrete also provides fire protection. Gypcrete can provide a 1–2-hour fire rating, creating a barrier between floors of a building, slowing a fire from progression and helping residents to escape safely.
  • Gypcrete also provides effective and even distribution of heat. The composition of Gypcrete lacks rock in its mix, and so it is hence easier to heat tubes than lightweight concrete.