Who we are.

In 1997, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Scott Orr started a business pouring concrete for local homeowners. Over the years, Orr Concrete has grown into a thriving team with over 50 employees with expanded concrete services that include large commercial projects as well as the smaller residential projects that Scott has relied on for over 25 years.
Continuing to be a family owned and run business, Orr Concrete has become a trusted member of the building community in Summit County. All foremen at Orr Concrete have attended workshops and trainings in each of their specialties, keeping up with the latest technology in the industry that gives us an edge of expertise that few concrete companies can offer. Orr Concrete also takes pride in being a safety-oriented company, achieving the coveted Cost Containment Certification from the Colorado Department of Labor – we ensure that all of our employees have safety has their top priority always. All crews are outfitted with the proper safety gear and PPE, and we conduct frequent safety trainings and briefings with each crew. We are also a proud member of the Summit County Builders Association and the National Association of Builders.

Winter conditions

One of the larger issues builders encounter while working in the Rocky Mountains is winter conditions. Orr Concrete is well-prepared to work through the winter and keep a job site moving even under the cold and snowy conditions of our area. We are equipped with a fleet of ground heaters and the concrete blankets needed for any project. Ground heaters are key to keeping a project moving forward in winter, they can be used to heat the ground pre-excavation, to warm the ground to pass frost inspections, and to keep recently poured concrete at the proper temperature even on the coldest day.


At Orr Concrete, we pride ourselves and are recognized in our community for keeping jobs on schedule. With the help of our partners and the trust we’ve built with local suppliers and the local building departments, we can help contractors keep their jobs running smoothly and on time. We live and die by the belief that time is money. We’ve invested in a number of highly valuable tools and pieces of equipment that set us apart from our competitors and keep us as efficient as possible. Using our Hilti Total Station, we are able to field verify locations and points of our work on a site, ensuring the utmost accuracy. We also own a 65ft knuckle boom truck that allows us to drop off baskets of forms exactly where they need to be, keeping a site orderly and saving our employees from the arduous task of hand-carrying concrete forms from a distance. In addition, we own our own concrete line pump with a trained operator, which helps us complete multiple pours in one day.